Shopping for your wedding gown can get a little personal. Most stores have an associate who will help you with the trying on of the gowns. (You will be very thankful for this. It is not easy to put these gowns on by yourself.) This means you’ll be in your underwear in front of someone you don’t know. Be assured that with all the material fluffing around, the consultant does not necessarily “see” you

To obliviate your possible discomfort, you might think about what under garments you wear for you shopping trip. The salon will probably offer you a bustier to replace your bra whereas most gowns need the lower cut. But as far as undies, think about your modesty level. One of the options I’ve seen girls go with a lot lately is leggings. They don’t add bulk under your gowns but make most girls feel a lot more comfortable. Your yester-year ‘volley ball’ shorts are also a good option.
Remember, the consultant who will be assisting you is a professional and is used to her job. This blog is for you and your comfort. So, whatever you decide to wear is fine.