You have been dreaming about wearing an exquisite gown at your wedding. The style experts at Exclusively Bridal will find the perfect gown that will make you look flawless on your special day.

Call us for more information, or visit our store to have a look at the variety of wedding gowns we have. 


Let Us Alter Your Wedding Gown for a Perfect Fit

Get your gown altered by the skilled Professionals at Exclusively Bridal to obtain your custom fit. You will also receive your gown in a solid white bag with no additional charges.

Every gown is uniquely designed and needs specific alterations. We will appropriately fix your dress so that it fits you well. Call us for a free consultation.

Price Estimates for Gown Alterations

  • Hem:
    • Brides – $120-$200
    • Bridesmaids – $25-$40
  • Sides: $55-$85
  • Shoulders: $35-$95
  • Sleeves: $30-$65
  • Bustling: $30-$60 (Depends on the material and length of train)
Regular charges will be applicable if additional alterations are needed due to a change in weight.
All gowns purchased at Exclusively Bridal will be steamed FREE.


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