By Bonnie Morgan
Wedding gowns have many beautiful features. You can choose different necklines, different body styles, beaded fabric or plain, etc. One of those many choices is zipper or corset back. (Sometimes called a lace up).
Contrary to many brides’ thinking, the lace up back is not styled to be an adjustable fit. It is a fashion design. Not to say if swelling from nerves or bloating from heat, or losing weight from stress close to wedding day, the lace up might deviate from fit problems that day. However, when your gown is ordered, it’s ordered per the size that “fits you best”. We are all built differently and most gowns will need “let out here and/or taken in there”. So, in fitting the gown properly to your body to begin with, you may need to make alterations to the side seams.  
By making the adjustment on the sides it allows the lace-up in the back to be a beautiful V shape. If you don’t make proper adjustments your lace up may turn out to look oval or Y shape. (neither which flatters your figure.)
Lace ups are a totally beautiful feature. Just remember to have a seamstress properly fit your gown to you and then, yes, take advantage of a slightly adjustable fit…in case the food is really good!!