First Published – November 03, 2016
When it comes to wearing a strapless dress or wedding gown, I hear many girls say, “I don’t have enough to hold up a strapless dress” or “I have too much to wear a strapless dress”. Neither statements are true. “Holding up” a strapless gown has nothing to do with the size of your bust line!
A strapless gown is supported by the smallest part of your body. A well-built gown will have “boning” in the bodice of the dress. This provides structure for the material to be firm. By making the waistline snug the gown cannot move down. 
This does not necessarily mean you can go without a bustier if you are a c or bigger cup size. (You may “breakdown” the empire portion of your gown). On the other hand, the gown may be firm enough to support you. Consult with the sales person or your seamstress about this.
Have fun shopping for that perfect gown, with no fears of the “strapless issue”!